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My opinion is that diet's don't work and neither does a good intention without a solid plan. Also, I don't believe in a "quick fix" for anything that creates lasting change. If you are looking for a "diet" or "quick fix" then this isn't the right coaching program for you.

My clients are really interested in making lasting change, by cultivating a healthy mindset first. Working together we will identify where the imbalances are in your life. We will talk about obstacles that might be getting in the way. We will focus on a holistic wellness plan, addressing all areas of your life to achieve a sattvic (balanced) state. You will learn how to set SMART goals that are attainable, yet challenging. We will commit to regularly scheduled meetings to check in and assess your progress before moving on to the next phase.

If you are ready to give up all those excuses and take charge of your own health then this is the right program for you.

A-La-Carte Services

Wellness Coaching Session


60-75 minute Session

Follow-up Coaching Session


Wellness Follow-up Support 30 minute Session

*Must have done at least one full coaching session prior*

Private 1:1 Yoga Session


60 Minute Session

Onsite Private Yoga Class


Wellness Packages Available on her site.

Go to Kathleen's website to get more details and to learn more about the services she offers.



If you are ready to direct your own health care and approach your well-being from a more holistic perspective, then essential oils may be the perfect fit for you.

Did you know essential oils can improve your emotional outlook, help you relax or feel more energized, enhance your yoga and meditation practice, and even provide physical pain relief? Yes, it's true and those are just a few of the benefits.

As a trained aromatherapist, I will create a customized blend of oils for you. Next, we will talk through the steps on how to use them daily to enhance your overall well-being.  As my client, you will be supported every step of the way with member's only resources and private Facebook groups.

Yoga & Meditation

There is nothing like personalized attention! Rather you are new to yoga or meditation, or have an existing practice, a private session is the perfect way to deepen your skills. We will work on alignment, breathing techniques, and create a home practice for you to use with confidence on your own at home or in a class. 

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