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Polston & Co Nail Products


Polston & Co is a family owned and operated company that has been making products in the cosmetics industry for over 20 years. We strive to deliver products that perform while not compromising in the areas of health, safety, and being eco-friendly. We are committed to bring you natural manicure products while helping to bring change to the cosmetics industry.


Simply put, we make products you trust and feel safe using. Our natural nail care products work along with your existing products or by itself. We embrace individuality and believe that beauty products should do the same.


Nail polishes, nail polish extender, polish top coats, and removers are all very familiar in the beauty world. While many companies refuse to address the chemicals that make up their products—even down to the harsh smells—we have heard consumers loud and clear. Using water, the universal solvent, we can move into a new age of natural manicure products.

Signature Foundation & Finisher  $8

Get the long wear you’re looking for without the harsh chemicals with our 8-free Signature Foundation & Finisher! This product is a great natural nail base coat that seals in your color and your top coat. Apply the Signature Foundation & Finisher with your other natural nail care products to get durability without compromising safety.

  • To use, apply the Signature Foundation & Finisher as a natural nail base coat before you apply your color and top coat. Seal the look by applying a finishing coat for added durability.

  • Looking for the ultimate nail polish extender duo? Use this along with our Tenacious Top Coat.

  • Our natural nail care products are 8-free

  • Ingredients in this product:  1-methoxy-2-propanol, and cucumber fragrance.

Tenacious Top Coat  $8


A top coat that not only saves your mani/pedi but doesn’t have any harsh chemicals? Sounds good to be true, but our Tenacious Top Coat delivers. This nail polish extender adds shine and strength to your favorite nail color. Pair it our Signature Foundation and Finisher and your other natural nail care products for a healthy and durable look! Natural manicure products have never looked, and felt so good!

  • Use our Signature Foundation & Finisher first to lay a moisture barrier.
    Then add this nail polish extender as a durable top coat.

  • Our natural nail care products are 8-free!

  • This product specifically has water, acrylates copolymer, neem oil, texanol, and polyethylene wax.

  • Want more details on our natural manicure products?

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